Electric Fencing

Impact Fencing prides its self on the supply and installation of top quality products and services at all times. All of our electric fencing installations are fully compliant to SANS 10222-3 and come with a certificate of compliance on completion.

Impact Fencing has undertaken to only install the best products available to the market. Our fence structures are never anything less than a 20 x 20 square tubing either powder coated or galvanized.

Top quality durable wires, fixings and accessories are used to ensure the longevity of our installations. Our choice of energizers are manufactured by Nemtek Pty (LTD). We have found them to be the most reliable and trustworthy energizers on the market. Replacement components and super fast service ensures that virtually no fence is down for more than 24 hours.

Residential Electric Fencing

Residential electric fencing is mostly installed on top of walls/palisade/pre-cast and other perimeter structures on residential properties.

Electric fence structures are generally eight line square tubing and are custom fitted to suit the needs of every individual customer.

Residential electric fencing is generally installed at private homes, small businesses and smaller town house developments.

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Commercial Electric Fencing

Commercial electric fencing: As with the domestic fencing, commercial fencing is for the most part installed on top of and behind existing structures.  Commercial electric fencing often requires us to cover from ground level up to above the fence/wall/ pillar structures.

Our commercial structures are normally a minimum of 25 x25 mm galvanized square tubing posts custom-made to suit your perimeter.  Larger multi-zone energizers are used to power these fences.

Commercial fencing normally secures offices, office parks, high security estates, larger security estates and golf courses.

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Estate Electric Fencing

Estate electric fencing: Estate fencing is generally of a higher specification as estates are often marketed as security estates and are responsible for the safety and security of their residents.

Over the years Impact Fencing has undertaken to supply and install some of the industries best estate security fences.  Estate fencing is often top quality structures backed up by top-of-the-line energizers, monitors and a management systems and software.

Estates can elect to run PC based monitoring systems or a more basic transmitter base station option.

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Country And Rural Electric Fencing

Country and rural fencing is one of our specialties, most country/rural electric fences are free standing and are both a physical and an alarmed electric security fence.

Most freestanding electric fences start at a height of 1.8m and go all the way up to 3m.

Our free standing structures have galvanized corner posts and use a 2.24m high strain wire which provides a very strong and structurally sound electric fence structure.

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Game Electric Fencing

Game fencing comes in a large variety of shapes and sizes depending on what game / predators you are looking to secure.  With 25 years of experience and a background in wildlife management Impact Fencing can cater to all your specific requirements.

We have been involved in designing enclosures and fencing for institutions such as the Jane Goodall Foundation in Nelspruit.

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