Conventional Fencing

Impact Fencing offer a wide range of conventional fencing products, from Invisible Mesh Fencing, Diamond Mesh Fencing, Welded Mesh Fencing, as well as Razor Wire and Razor Mesh Fencing.

Diamond Mesh Fencing

Conventional fencing is made up of multiple types of fencing, the most common being Diamond Mesh which is widely used in gardens, construction sites, road side fences etc.

Diamond Mesh is supplied and installed in a range of heights and sizes from 1200mm to 2400mm and in a multitude of wire diameters – we supply and install them all.

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Weld Mesh Fencing

Welded Mesh Fencing, also a very commonly used fencing slightly more ridged than the diamond mesh but a great perimeter option also available in multiple wire diameters and aperture sizes to suit any project or need.

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Razor Wire Fencing

Razor wire can either be installed as a stand alone or a useful add on to the conventional fencing razor wire is often used on top of conventional fences, by its self as a wall top application or as an added security feature from ground level up. Razor wire is supplied in either a flat wrap or a coil.

Razor mesh has also become a popular choice amongst the construction and rural customers as it is a hybrid of razor wire and Diamond mesh fencing, when installed correctly is a very effective barrier.

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