With Eskom declaring load shedding as an ongoing household reality for at least the next eighteen months, South Africans’ are being forced to think outside the box (excuse the pun!) when putting plans in place, to deal with this domestic nuisance. Beyond the lights, sockets and hot water being turned off at the most awkward times, we need to think about how it affects the electric fencing that protects many of our homes. In this, Impact Fencing’s very first Blog, we will explore and share a few tips on how you can monitor your electric fencing during down times, both for protection and peace of mind.


How long will my Electric Fencing stay on for, during load shedding?

To ensure that your electric fence still continues to work when load shedding kicks in, your home or complex needs to have a back-up battery installed and working. Typically, a high-quality, rechargeable battery can keep your electric fence active for 8-10 hours after the lights go out. As an extra precaution, check that your batteries are in perfect working order. Frequent surges, as we have been experiencing all too often, can take a serious toll on your back-up battery. Test, and replace if necessary, to ensure that you don’t want to get caught out when the next outage strikes. Consider an Impact Power device as your dedicated back-up power system, when Eskom decides to play hard-ball.


How else can I keep my home safe, during Eskom power-outage?

Not to strike fear in you, but please don’t rely solely on electric fencing to protect you from uninvited guests when the lights go out. There are quite a number of measures that you and your neighbours can take, to upgrade security and keep chancers at bay

  • Cut down any overhanging branches close to your perimeter.
    These can be used by criminals as a launchpad to hop over your wall.
  • Cut down any branches or leaves that are touching against your electric fencing.
    These can often trigger false alarms and confuse your armed response company, in the case of a genuine breach of security. Of course, ensure your fencing is turned off briefly, while you’re cutting down this foliage!
  • Install spikes at the top of your wall. Many criminals will try to access your property by climbing under your fence, and not over. Don’t give them a grip or a steady balance, by installing spikes around your electric fencing
  • Keep on top of communications about load-shedding schedules. Download Eskom se Push, and keep an active Whatsapp group within your complex or close vicinity, which will increase vigilance as a group, regarding any suspicious activity.

Your Reliable Electric Fencing Specialists for the dark times ahead.

Impact Fencing offers professional fencing and security solutions to real estate developments, private homes and corporate clients across SA. Using only the best quality products in the market, combined with back-up power and CCTV installations, we’re serious about protecting what matters most, when Eskom decides to play tricks with the lights. Contact us today for a quotation, to ensure that your electric fencing and back-up power is no match for opportunists.